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Saksham Lighting Industries is the largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Laser Printing Machines, Laser Embossing Machines and Laser Marking Machines for printing LED Lights and Luminaires in Delhi, India.

We provide work facilitation for all indoor and outdoor lighting items and their raw materials, such as laser printing services on LED bulbs, LED housings, LED street lights, LED spotlights, bluetooth music lights, mosquito lights and many additional lighting products.

We also provide laser printers that you can use to start your own business as these laser printers can print on light bulbs as well as various plastics and metals.

You can print on all plastic items, e.g. Such as laser printing on PC plastics, laser printing on PBT plastics, laser printing on ABS plastics and many more plastic items, and you can even print on metal objects such as iron, steel and aluminum.

You can also print on portable chargers, cell phones, watches, key chains, pens, laptops, appliances, air conditioners, small printers and just about anything you need to print brand names or item descriptions.

This spreads the ink onto a metal plate with an engraved image, which is then transferred to a fast surface called a rubber blanket. This is finally transferred to the paper by pressing it against the prompt surface. This results in lower cost per print, better quality, and large print volumes. Flexographic printing machines are used to group materials and use plastic or elastic plates fed to the belt. This then goes to the fingerprint camera, which creates the impression of the image.

Laser marking is a technique widely used in all factories as an identification method. With this marking technique you can easily emboss or mark soft and hard metal surfaces.

Laser printing systems can be a fast and accurate printing press used in any business that can stamp and design plastic, metal, wood, carbide, etc. For good resolution to check metals like silver, gold, platinum, etc. A fantastic choice for a stamping machine is a laser marking machine.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece
Housing Available For 6 W and 9 W
Shape Round
Packaging Type Box
Working Temperature Up to 80 degree C
Install Style Down Light
Body Material Plastic, ABS Plastic