Manual Tikki Fitting Machine

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Saksham Lighting Industries is one of the largest suppliers of manual tikki press machines or manual tikki assembly machines. All of our machines are made by specialists and we no doubt keep an eye on the quality of our goods. This machine will help you place the MCPCB into the body case (placement) more quickly and accurately. Our Tikki assembly machines are very cost effective and of high quality because we provide very low margins to build relationships with customers and encourage them to start their own business with less investment.

The Tikki LED Bulb Fitting Machine is available in three variants:
  • 1. ECO LED Bulb Tikki Fitting Machine (Manual)
  • 2. Super LED Tikki Lamp Assembly Machine (Manual)
  • 3. Automatic fitting machine for Tikki LED light bulb
  • Tawang Tikki Fitting Machine will help you press the aluminum plate (radiator) around your diffuser case (housing). The Tikki LED lamp assembly machine is used for housings such as the Philips type (180 degrees) and the Syska type (270 degrees). Another name for tikki fitting machine is led heatsink press machine or tikki press machine.

    The Tikki LED Fitting Machine comes with 5 components

  • 1.Press Machine
  • 2.Small space (case) 45mm to 57mm
  • 3.Big Size for large bulbs from 58mm to 95mm
  • 4.Pressure tool for small radiator plates
  • 5.Pressure tool for large radiator plates
  • 6.Place and adjust the die pressure of the small heater in the nozzle of the electric press, and place the small piston receiver holder (house) in front of the nozzle of the press which is equipped with a small pressure mold. Now place the housing section with the B22 LED light in the center of the housing holder and place the heat sink on the top of the housing and press the nozzle down. You will now see that your case is equipped with a cooling plate.

  • Benefits of Tawang Tikki Fitting Machine

  • 1. Longevity
  • 2. Export Quality
  • 3. Fast production
  • 4.Diffuser shadow removal
  • 5. Better product quality