Pad Printing Die


We are an ISO 2000 certified company engaged in the manufacture of LED raw materials and pad printing machines. The offered ranges are highly valued for their resistance to rust, durability, ease of use and extended service life.

Saksham Lighting Industries is the largest pad printing machine manufacturer in India and has a 50% market share. The company was founded in 2000 to manufacture pad printing machines for the Indian lighting industry. They believes that aspirations are nothing but goals, visions and goals all combined into one.

Features :

  • 1. Best quality
  • 2. High productivity
  • 3. Advance payment
  • 4. By replacing the bracket, it can be used for other models
  • Saksham Lighting Industries is a leading LED raw material manufacturer and supplier located in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. We are manufacturer of LED Lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Surface Lights, COB LED Lights, LED Down Lights, LED Down Lights, Recessed LED Lights, Smart LED Lights, LED batterns, etc. We also provide raw materials, machines, tools and kits for the manufacture of led lights are readily available. With the guidance of our technology experts, you can start your own business. We also help you to sell your products, import and export your finished products, etc. We provide you with the latest LED product manufacturing technology. We will supply you machines such as punching machine, aging machine, tikki assembly machine, adhesive, thermal paste, solder wire, soldering iron to make basic installation to make LED products. We also provide raw materials for LEDs, LED housings, SKD LEDs. We guide you through the safety standards required to set up a facility. We ship our products across India and provide a competitive edge on board to ensure full connectivity with our customers. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we bring together best-in-class elements for a solution that works and is tailored for each individual client. Let us be your strategic partner for your success, contact us today.