Saksham Lighting Industries manufactures and supplies LED products such as LED bulbs, LED strips, LED downlights, LED smart lights, etc. They are designed under the supervision of a team of experts. Our products are tested on the most modern testing machines and product quality is monitored by engineers in our laboratory. Since then, we have been engaged in manufacturing, supplying, wholesale and trading a wide range of high quality LED Lights & Strips, LED Raw Materials, LED Fabrication Tools, OEM LEDs, Philips & Syska Types and Types of LED Lamps Philips & Syska LED raw materials Lamps panels, LED street lights, LED spotlights, COB LED lights, etc. We manufacture LED lamps of various wattage and adhere to strict quality control according to well-defined industry standards. We source raw materials from reputable and reliable suppliers to ensure impeccable quality standards. We manufacture and supply LED bulbs from 3W to 80W in various colors such as blue, green, orange, yellow, white, etc. They are ideal for long periods of time and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

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Who We Are

We have been working, since 2000. We have now achieved a stable position and are now a well-known name among manufacturers and exporters of various electronic products. Cooperating with well-trained employers and workers, our company develops the highest quality products, on-time delivery, competitive prices and excellent trade services.

Our Product's USP Are:

  • • Product design based on extensive research and market research.
  • • Products are developed taking into account the performance conditions in various countries.
  • • The use of high quality raw materials and the whole body of the spotlight to fasten the LEDs.
  • • LED drivers are manufactured according to lighting product requirements..
  • • LED drivers are also manufactured with high/low voltage protection and are suitable for universal inputs.
  • • Luminaires can be designed according to LUX requirements.
  • • We use the latest production machines.
  • • We use the latest tube testing machines, regardless of whether it is lumen, light weight or lifetime.
  • • Great care has been taken in packaging to ship the product.
  • • We can produce and deliver around 15,000 flower bulbs per day depending on conditions.
  • • We are always available with a large stock of raw materials such as packages for all LED based products.
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    What We Do?

    Saksham Lighting Industries is one of the biggest manufacture and supplier of LED Products & LED tubes / bulbs and Raw Material in Delhi-NCR since 1995. We are the manufacturer and distributor of high quality LED lighting solutions for industrial, retail and office use.

    We supply the finest LED Products - Panels - Battens - Flood Lights - Bulbs - Spot Lights - Down Lights, LED Driver, Housing, All type of raw material etc. with latest new products coming in every month be sure to visit us often, we will not be beaten on price for same quality products.


  • LED Bulbs
  • LED Battens
  • Surface Lights
  • Panel Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Street Lights
  • Smart Lights
  • Cruise Ergi Lights
  • Deep Light
  • COB Light
  • High Bay Light
  • Raw Material, Tools & Equipments