IC Driver Based LED Kit

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Saksham Lighting Industries offers kits for making LED bulbs from beginner to advanced level. Place your order and start your own LED light bulb manufacturing business. We have prepared this kit for those who want to start their business with small investment and get good profit in managed business.

We offer various types of LED kits

  • 1. Driver IC Based LED Kit (Rs.9999) - This kit includes Tikki fitting machine, B22 cap punching machine, wire cutter, etc. It also includes 50 grams of thermal grease, 50 grams of solder flux, and many other items.
  • 2. Micro LED Lighting Starter Kit (Rs 2111) - This is a starter kit for people who want to start their own LED lighting business at an early stage. This kit includes a B22 cap punching machine, 200pc screws, wire cutters, 10w iron, soldering wire and many other items.
  • 3. Mini LED Light Bulb Starter Pack (Rs 4699) - This kit includes a Tikki assembly machine, B22 cap punching machine, 1000 screws, wire cutters, solder wire, 57mm and 65mm mounting kits, 50 grams of solder flux and also radiator paste.
  • 4. Syska Type LED Bulb Kit (Rs 5999) - This kit includes LED stamping machine, 9W Alpha DOB MCPCB, B22 cap, etc. It also includes 15 grams of solder flux, heat seal tube and 100pcs Syska type lamp housing etc.
  • 5. Bonanza LED Bulb Bundle (Rs 6,699) – This bundle includes the Tikki assembly engine, B22 cap puncher, radiator compound and many other items.
  • 6. Mega LED Bulb Repair Kit (Rs 7699) - This kit includes LED engine, 10w iron, thermal grease and many other items


  • 1. Super Tikki Fitting Machine
  • 2. 1 B22 cap punching machine
  • 3. 50 gram soldering wire
  • 4. 1 iron 10W
  • 5. 1 wire cutter
  • 6. 50 grams of radiator mix
  • 7. 50 grams of solder fluxx
  • 8. 200 PC Screw
  • 9. 100pcs lids B22
  • 10. 57mm built-in aluminum body
  • 11. 9W Edison MCPCB (100pcs)
  • 12. 9W HPF Driver 0.95-80-400V (100pcs)
  • 13. Only on branded packaging (100 pcs)