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Saksham Lighting Industries is the largest Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader and Exporter of LED MCPCB Lights, LED DOB MCPCB for our customers at competitive prices in Delhi India.

We also offer LED Light Bulb MCPCB, LED DOB MCPCB in the form of raw materials for all kinds of LED products such as Light Bulb, Strip Light, Luminaire, Street Light, Spotlight, Panel Light, COB Light, etc. We offer all kinds of MCPCB LED Lights and MCPCB DOB LED Lights with the best quality, which can offer optimal performance for all kinds of LED products. They are also durable to withstand light fluctuations. DOB MCPCB This DOB is a fire resistant and quality controlled DOB MCPCB LED. This LED MCPCB has long performance, high durability and excellent quality. We offer DOB MCPCB LED bulbs in 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W, 15W and 18W.

The offered range is also checked by quality inspectors for certain quality parameters. Our LED MCPCB are widely used in street lights, downlights, headlights, strip lights, obstacle navigation lights, etc.

We manufacture MCPCB (Metal Core PCB) for high power LED lighting applications with 1.6mm aluminum, 75 micron dielectric coating and 35 micron copper. We are the one stop solution for your LED lighting needs. MCPCB LED lamps have excellent resistance to heat and chemicals and can even be used with variable voltages.

MCPCB LEDs are available in 3 variants-

  • • Edison 0.5W (E1 Series) - 130/140 lumens per watt
  • • Edison 1W (E2 Series) -120/130 lumens per watt
  • • Color MCPCB - Edison 0.5W (E1 Series)
  • • We also offer DOB MCPCB LEDs in 3 variants:-
  • • DOB MCPCB Beta (No Warranty)
  • • Prime DOB MCPCB - This is a good quality DOB MCPCB. We can provide 6 months warranty on bulbs where Prime DOB MCPCB is used.
  • • Alpha DOB MCPCB - This is a better quality DOB MCPCB than Prime DOB MCPCB. We can provide 1 year warranty for the bulb using Alpha DOB MCPCB

  • Product Details:

    Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece
    Housing Available For 6 W and 9 W
    Shape Round
    Packaging Type Box
    Working Temperature Up to 80 degree C
    Install Style Down Light
    Body Material Plastic, ABS Plastic


  • 1.On-board driver solution
  • 2.CYT IC is used
  • 3.High quality LED and circuit board
  • 4.Long life span
  • 5.Available in various colors
  • 6.Perfect coverage
  • 7.High Strength
  • 8.Proven Quality
  • 9.High Power Factor
  • 10.Suitable for Rural and Urban Areas