Plain Common Box


Saksham Lighting Industries also offers simple generic packaging for all types of LED products. All kinds of product packaging in all sizes are available. We offer packages for LED Lights, LED Strips, LED Downlights, LED Spotlights, LED Street Lights, LED Panel Lights, COB LED Lights, LED Music Lights, Smart LED Lights, Panels, Bars etc. We also provide you with the latest machines to start your own packaging unit. We also guide or advise you to set up your own packaging system. We also offer packaging design solutions, logo design, logo laser printing services, pad printing matrices and more.

Features :

  • • High quality paper is used for packaging.
  • • We also use bubble wrap and other types of film packaging such as bubble wrap, T5 bubble wrap, etc.
  • • The best printing technology is used to create attractive packaging.
  • Saksham Lighting Industries specializes in manufacturing a wide range of high quality LED tube light fittings at its NCR manufacturing facility. All of our LED Tubes are manufactured under strict supervision and quality control procedures to ensure the finished products are made with real skill. Together with our strategic suppliers, we are committed to proactively responding to market demands by providing quality products, personalized customer service and excellent technical support in the best interests of our distributors, customers and trading partners.

    Our highly dedicated and efficient team works tirelessly to keep our business growing and keep our customers happy. Our focus will always be to provide our customers with environmentally friendly and affordable solutions so that we are 100% satisfied. We ship our products across India and offer a competitive advantage on board to provide end to end connectivity to our customers. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we bring together best-in-class elements for a solution that works and is tailored for each individual client. Let us be your strategic partner for your success, contact us today.