Syska Type LED SKD

Syska Type LED Bulb Raw Material | Syska Type LED Bulb Housing | Syska Type LED Bulb SKD

Saksham Lighting Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality LED Deep Light Housing or LED Deep Light SKD to our esteemed clients. The provided SKD is often utilized for the production of high-quality LED Deep Lights. We can provide a large amount of LED Deep light SKD.

because of their perfect design and high quality, the materials our material is ideal for creating Syska Type LED Bulb. We offer Syska Type LED Bulb Raw Material, Syska Type LED Bulb Housing, and Syska Type LED Bulb SKD in the following sizes: 3W,5W,7W,9W,12W, and 15 W.


  • 1. Excellent build quality
  • 2. Elegant design
  • 3. Greater brightness
  • 4. Use of high quality raw materials
  • 5. Best Market Price
  • 6. Very durable