Inverter Bulb

Inverter Light Bulb Manufacturer

Saksham Lighting is the best Inverter Light Bulb Manufacturer in India. The inverter bulb is a revolutionary innovation in the bulb range offering a lighting solution with up to 4 hours of backup power. The inverter bulb consists of a high-quality battery and controller, making it a hassle-free product for areas requiring a backup power solution. This product is very suitable for cities, villages and areas that often experience power outages. This product is energy-saving, cost-effective and has anti-glare function for eye care. The Saksham lighting inverter bulb is most suitable for use in shops, villages,warehouses, street vendors and parking lots. Eliminates the need to invest in a backup power inverter or mini generator.

Advantages of Inverter Light Bulb:

• If the power goes out for some reason or the power goes out suddenly, the light bulb will turn on automatically for up to 4 hours

• Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides light in the event of a power failure

• The bulb lights up when it comes into contact with metal or water

Instant Brightness

• This 9W bulb gives you a soft, bright light that illuminates a wide area without glare or flickering

• The LED light can maximize its brightness as soon as it is turned on, no waiting time required

• Delivered filtered without difficulty or strain on the user's eyes